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¡¤Decoration heat-bent glass plate
¡¤Decoration tempered glass cutting board
¡¤Heat-resistant Glass baking ware
¡¤Heat-resistant Glass coffee maker
¡¤Heat-resistant double wall cup
¡¤Heat-resistant measuring cup
¡¤Glass Jar with lid
¡¤Glass cup
¡¤Glass bottle
¡¤Glass ashtray
¡¤Shot glass
¡¤Glass mosaic used the kitchen
¡¤Ceramic cup
¡¤White porcelain plate
¡¤ceramic jar
¡¤Products combinations
¡¤glass storge jar with S/S coating
¡¤glass vase
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Who We are?

In China, Our company is a famous supplier of glassware.
We are dealing with handmade and machinemade glassware.

What We do?

It is including as following

Different kinds of glass vase,
Floating glass candle holders,
Glass hurricane wind light,
Candle sticks,
Water candle holders,
Candle sticks with stem,
Candle holders with stand,
Wine glass,
Beer mugs,
Pressed candle sticks and so on.

According to your requirement, we can do different finish on the surface of glasware, such as Frosted,
Crackle, Curve, and also we are selling the creamic candle holders. We can provide good service, good
quality and exact delivery time. In one word, we can do the things just as your requirement.
Some of the samples are listed in our pages, please contact with us if you need detailed information.

ADDRESS:26/F, Block C, Haiquandijing building No.158, liuquan road, zibo city, shandong china
TELL£º0086 0533-8960697 FAX£º0086 0533-3161626 E-mail£ºsales@szhouseware.com